Long Mask Chain



Long type mask chain with ST, CAT original metal fittings.

It is designed to be wrapped around the neck once and attached like a necklace with 30cm longer chain than a normal mask chain.

A simple way to attach the mask to the metal fittings.

We have developed a mask chain as a luxury jewelry by eliminating unnecessary things.

You can use it regardless of whether it is a cloth mask or a paper mask.

We are developing two types of chains, snake chains / both snake&square chains.

Silver: silver925 / 950

Gold: 18K gold plated brass

Chain 95cm

If you would like to make a reservation or have any questions, please contact us by email at info@st-cat.com.

Our gold-colored items are nickel-free 18K plated. For customers who want silver products due to metal allergies, silver can be optionally plated with nickel-free 18K. Please contact us by email(info@st-cat.com).


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