Pearl / Stone Necklace



Necklace using baroque pearls and natural stones.

Beads lined up with a focus on balance and unbalance create a unique playfulness that is typical of the brand.

All parts are made of natural stone, so it has a pop yet high-quality design.

The natural stone of the heart uses recycled beads that are colored by solidifying the shavings produced when the craftsman cut the stone.

Due to the use of natural stone, the length and arrangement of beads may change depending on the item.

Cross Pearl: Pearl only design. A cross-shaped pearl is adorned in the center.

Heart Stone / Pearl: A design that combines pearls and natural stones.

Silver (metal fittings): silver925 / 950

Gold: 18K gold plated brass


(model's neck : 32〜33.5cm)

・ About delivery date

This item will be manufactured after receiving your order, so it will take 1-2 weeks from purchase to shipping.

Please contact us if you have a desired delivery date.

・ About length

Changing the length are available for free of charge. Please contact us by email (up to about 10cm. Male size is also available. The average size for male size is 45 cm).

・ About metal allergies

At atelier ST, CAT, gold-colored items have a nickel-free 18K coating that is resistant to allergies, but for customers who desire silver products due to metal allergies, etc., silver is nickel-free as an option. It is also possible to apply 18K coating. Please email us at


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