Snake Pattern Bracelet



A bracelet using parts with a snake pattern.

You can adjust the length with the chain.

For men's wear, please use the women's anklet.

Silver: silver925 / 950

Gold: 18K gold plated brass

Adjustable from 11 to 19 cm around the arm (parts are 6 cm inside)

・ About sold-out items

Sold out items will be in stock at any time. If you would like to make a reservation, please contact us by email at

・ About metal allergies

At atelier ST, CAT, gold-colored items are coated with nickel-free 18K, which is less likely to cause allergies, but for customers who desire silver products due to metal allergies, etc., silver is nickel-free as an option. 18K coating is also possible. Please email us at


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