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On 4/3 (sat), a select shop space for kids "The Small Enough Boutique" (Link) was opened next to the atelier ST, CAT atelier in Minami Aoyama.

We sell selected items and original items (for 0 to 6 years old) from all over the world.

If you need a gift package, we will give you a fair trade ribbon on the original shopper, so please fill in the memo column at the time of purchase.

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An eco-friendly lifestyle goods brand born in Denmark.

Textile designer Melis Wilkenschildt was born to shape the problems she felt while raising her child. With environmentally friendly products, we aim to make our sustainable lifestyle a little more convenient and at the same time beautiful.

The 400ml / 1000ml capacity plastic bag (set of 3 of the same size) is a reusable double zipper freezer bag. An environmentally friendly product that can be washed repeatedly and used 50 times. Products that do not contain BPA, PVC, and phthalates. For carrying around with children.

color Transparent Check

material PE / PET

size 400ml / 1000ml

* Although it has passed the European baby food standard, we do not import it for food, so please use it at your own discretion.


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