[Select Item] Knitted Mask from Khéiki



A one-piece knit mask created by Japanese knit brand Khéiki up to the strap. Five colors are available for ladies and kids.

2pcs set.

"Premium Svin Cotton" is used as the material. It has the finest fibers among cotton and is characterized by its supple and moist texture. It contains a large amount of oil and is known as cashmere-like cotton, which is a very rare material with strict growth conditions. Antibacterial and deodorant processing is applied at the stage of dyeing the yarn.

Since it can be washed with a washing machine and used repeatedly, it leads to prevention and reduction of waste generation. [SDGs-12.5] While ensuring product safety and reliability, all manufacturing is done in Japan to support the Japanese knit industry and manufacturing.


White (Ivory) / Blue (Periwinkle) / Purple (Lilla) / Beige (Dune) / Navy (Smalt)

material: Premium Suvin Cotton

Cotton 87%

Nylon 12%

Polyurethane 1%

* Because the fiber length is long, pills may occur due to friction. If pills are formed, use a pill cleaner or small scissors to clean them.


Kids Height (from nose to chin): 10.5 cm / width (from front end to ear canal): 9 cm

Ladies Height (from nose to chin): 12.5 cm / width (from front end to ear canal): 9.5 cm


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