[Select Item] Knitted Silk Mask from Khéiki



A knit mask created by Japanese knit brand Khéiki up to the strap. Five colors are available for ladies and kids.

2pcs set.

Wild silk thread (filament silk) is used as the material.

It has a high air content in the fiber, absorbs a lot of water, and releases it at a high speed, so it is the best material for the hot season with a silky feel.


material : Silk 49%/Nylon 25%/Polyester 24%/Polyurethane 2%

* Because the fiber length is long, pills may occur due to friction. If pills are formed, use a pill cleaner or small scissors to clean them.


Ladies Height (from nose to chin): 10.5 cm / width (from front end to ear canal): 9 cm


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