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Yuuki Ikegami Solo Exhibition 「Lost My Mind」4/3〜11
Apr 4, 2021  # Art # Music # ST,CAT

At atelier ST, CAT, the exhibitions by artists are curated with the concept of “art that you want to decorate your room with flowers”.

We will continue to hold the event while paying attention to ventilation and a spacious space.

“Lost My Mind” by Yuuki Ikegami
4/3 (sat)-4/11 (sun) 13-18:00(sat/sun 12-19:00)

Spring 2020.

The State of Emergency was announced to Tokyo due to the expansion of COVID-19. We couldn’t even go out. I was forced to live in a limited space and had anxious days.

Until the point that I noticed the beauty of the sky which was the same as before …

For about a month from that day, I continued to take pictures of the sky from my balcony. The short time I took the pictures of the sky was a free moment to save me from the anxiety.

Looking at this picture, along with the song written by naomi paris tokyo, I remember the motion of the sky at that day and pray.

May the peaceful days return soon…

From the “Lost My Mind” Art Book released in November last year, we will exhibit works using graphics and collages, and sell art books and art works.
price list lmm商品説明2021

Yuuki Ikegami
art director / graphic designer

The artist stays at the gallery on:
4/3 (sat) 13: 00-19: 00
4/4(sun) 15:00-19:00
4/11(sun) 13:00-19:00




Short Movie by Miki and Ruka
Jul 14, 2017  # Art # Atelier # Music

The special movie by Miki and Ruka is exhibited at our atelier from 16th to 23rd of July.

You can also see it at our reception party 7-10PM on 15th of July.

Please enjoy the short version of it now.

We are very excited to work with such a talent…!

movie by Miki Yoshioka
music by Ruka Kashiwagi