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new select shop for kids
Jul 15, 2021  # Atelier # Fashion

The new select shop “THE SMALL ENOUGH BOUTIQUE” for kids will open in a corner of the atelier.


Items collected from the world with the keyword “ethical” is that you would like to give to your children or introduce to someone.

Original & select items for babies and toddlers up to 6 years old with a story are available.

For directors and designers of original items
Jewelery brand “atelier ST, CAT” designer Seiko Hayashi .
For the buying director
Kana Nagao who has gained experience as a buyer at a major select shop.

A shop by mothers of small children.

The shopper is designed so that children can play with drawing at the end.
The purse that you will receive for purchases over ¥6000 (excluding tax) is a fair trade item that uses a crisp handle.(Manufactured by women who have just graduated from vocational training at Creative Handicrafts, a fair trade organization that supports women in Mumbai, India)

Handling brands
small enough (original brand 4/10 ~ pre order START)
haps nordic (DENMARK)
marsou paris (FRANCE)
Mediam (JAPAN)
sciuscia shoes (ITALY)
yellow pelota (SPAIN)




3/20〜 Room Dress Debut
Jul 10, 2021  # Fashion # ST,CAT

The first apparel line debuts from atelier ST, CAT.

We accept orders from 3/20 (sat) to 3/31 (wed) at the atelier store (Minato-ku, Minami Aoyama) and online shop .
Delivery is scheduled in June. There are no plans to sell other than orders.
Due to the limited number of production, orders may be terminated even within the period.

The 1st collection has a lineup of 3 types Room Dress that makes everyday life a story. The design is inspired by the mid-19th century evening dress.

Because it is in the room where you can have the most freedom, you can not only relax but also feel special.
Sewing is done at a factory that handles Japanese wedding dresses, so it is made firmly so that you can wear it not only at home but also outside.

Functional room dresses that can be washed with water at home are made of materials that are less likely to wrinkle, dry and stain as much as possible.
The gown dress is made of recycled PET bottles.

Long hem (adjustable length with built-in ribbon or waist ribbon), puffy puff sleeves, romantic skin look, back ribbon, glossy and gorgeous material. We have updated the design for sophisticated adults with the dreams of a girl.

As a honeymoon dress to wear after returning home from a wedding or on your wedding anniversary.
As a dress for a room party to open with friends.
As the first place to spend time in the room with your important partner.
To liven up your own time, such as reading a book or watching a movie.
Of course, as a simple wedding dress.

It has both a relaxed feeling of comfort and beauty and attractiveness that excites the mood.

Since it is basically sold directly, we will sell it at a low price while maintaining high quality.

price ¥ 24000-25000 (+ tax)