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Akane Hirose Solo Exhibition「the shape of hygge」
Aug 1, 2021  # Art # Atelier

At atelier ST, CAT, we curate the exhibition with the concept of “art that you want to decorate your room with flowers”.
Exhibitions by artists are held about twice a month.

Akane Hirose’s solo exhibition “the shape of hygge” will be held on 8/13 (fri) – 8/31 (tue).

We are holding the first exhibition of self-taught artist Akane Hirose.
Her colors and forms have a pleasant warmth and beautiful sophistication. The work that transforms the room into a comfortable space is also recommended as an interior.

“The shape of hygge” by Akane Hirose
8/13 (fri)-8/31 (tue) 13-18: 00 (sat / sun 12-19: 00) closed on thu

“Hygge” means “Comfortable” and “Cool” in Danish.
Whether you are new to this word or it has already become a part of your life, I think there will be moments when each person will settle down.
It would be great if you could find a shape that makes you feel good when you are looking at it, that makes you feel a little refreshed even on a hot day, and that makes you feel a little warm even in a cool room.

The work will also be sold remotely. The work list will be posted on the website.
Please contact us at info@st-cat.com.

Akane Hirose
art painter, collector, explorer.

Artist stays at
8/15 (sun), 21 (sat), 29 (sun)




Rina Lina solo exhibition 「Surrender」
Jul 26, 2021  # Art # ST,CAT

This is an announcement of the Rina Lila solo exhibition “Surrender -Entrust-” to be held on 7/27 (tue) -8/9 (mon).

Her works are full of positive rhythms. We feel that the performance using my own body, which is showed on SNS, is also very attractive because they are not bound by stereotypes.

Art as an energy that spreads organically, without being bound by the shape of flat art. Original and contemporary. It is a powerful identity.

“Surrender -Entrust-” by Rina Lila

7/27 (tue)-8/9 (mon) 13-18: 00 (sat / sun 12-19: 00)
closed on 7/29, 8/5

It springs up from within me without trying to control everything
I value and just express.
Do not judge anything that springs up, but accept it with a pure heart.
There is nothing good or bad about what comes out, it’s just there to make use of it for learning.
Dark colors, muddy colors, and bright colors are all “representations of something” in me.
It is a work drawn with the theme of “entrusting” like that.
With this production, I became able to be conscious of “entrusting” in my daily life, and I feel that my shoulders have been relaxed one step further.
I hope that these works will be an opportunity for everyone to “entrust”.

We also sell works of art, T-shirts, tote bags, and postcard-sized artworks.
We also sell remotely. Click here for a list of works.
Please contact us or request additional photos via e-mail (info@st-cat.com).

Rina Lila @rina_lila_art
She intuitively draws things that spring from the inside.
she had nothing to do with art until he graduated from university, but while traveling alone in Southeast Asia, she began to self-taught when he was urged to draw. She was drawn into the world of paint sensations and colors and began to express herself with acrylic paints.
“Through art, I met my true self, created connections with people, and made my life more enjoyable.” Rina

The artist stays at
7/30 (sat), 31 (sun), 8/1 (sun), 2 (mon)




Sayaka Maeda Solo Exhibition「MOMENT」
Jul 8, 2021  # Art # Atelier

This is an announcement of the Sayaka Maeda solo exhibition “MOMENT” to be held on 7/10 (sat) -7/25 (sun).

Sayaka Maeda, who is active as a designer, will hold her first exhibition as an artist.
Please come and enjoy the beautiful mirage-like colors of summer.

We will also exhibit and sell works, stickers and digital prints in collaboration with photographer abby phillips .

“MOMENT” by Sayaka Maeda
7/10 (sat)-7/25 (sun) 13-18: 00 (sat / sun 12-19: 00) closed on 7 / 15,21

Our daily life has changed a lot.

I think that the usual things have suddenly become less commonplace and the seasons have passed in a blink of an eye.

I thought that there were many wonderful scenery, wind and water sounds, and events that I wanted to keep in those days, and I overlooked them.

This time, we are exhibiting a picture that looks like a dream-like reality and prayer, like a wish to be like this, by cutting out the momentary color that we found in casual everyday life.

Works and goods will also be sold remotely. The work list is here.

Please contact us at info@st-cat.com.

Sayaka Maeda
Belongs to FLAP, a design studio that mainly works on branding and art direction while creating acrylic paints and digitally created artwork. I am doing visual direction and design.

The date of the artist’s staying
7/10 (sat), 13 (tue), 25 (sun)




Kurumi Onishi Solo Exhibition「Cozy Conversation」6/19-7/8
Jun 7, 2021  # Art # ST,CAT

This is an announcement of the Kurumi Onishi solo exhibition “Comfortable Conversation” to be held on 6/19 (sat) -7/8 (thu).

She has a very transparent heart and can hear the voice of nature, so her works are alive. A lineup of adorable works are came from the seaside town on a small trip. In her Works, warm wild love and delicate and organic beauty are intertwined. We will exhibit and sell flower vases and artwork.

“Cozy conversation” by Kurumi Onishi
6/19 (sat) -7/8 (thu) 13-18: 00 (sat / sun 12-19: 00) closed on 6 / 23,7 / 1,7 / 7

Rising sunrise and setting sun
Flowers sway and it rains
The soil shines and the sound of summer.
Everything in my heart
When it passes, it resonates.
Pleasant conversation.

We also sell remotely. The work list is uploaded below.
Please contact us at info@st-cat.com.
Works will be sent after the term of the exhibition.

Kurumi Onishi
Based in Kagawa.
Using plants. I want to create with a work the help of nature and visualize energy, create air.




Michi Nakano Solo Exhibition 「Mirage」5/22〜6/6
May 13, 2021  # Art # Atelier

This is an announcement of Michi Nakano solo exhibition “Mirage” to be held on 5/22 (sat) -6/6 (sun).

“Mirage” by Michi Nakano
5/22 (sat)-6/6 (sun) 13-18: 00 (sat / sun 12-19: 00) closed on thursday

Every time I read my own diary, I feel like it belongs to someone else.
I know that I made it through yesterday so, tomorrow will be the same.
We are just chasing after a beam of light.
Do we keep moving forward? Or just watching another light passes us by?
Even this present moment really relies on the ambiguity of time. But at least I feel my presence by painting this moment my own color. Someday, I will look back on today saying “I feel like it’s about someone else’s dream.”

This is a photo exhibition with unseen works that are announced for his next photobook. Printed works and the latest photobook “Akatsuka” will be sold during the period of the exhibition.

Michi Nakano @ michinakan0
photographer / videographer
He works in a wide range of fields such as domestic and foreign fashion magazines, brand campaigns, and artist music videos. In 2020, he released a photo book “Akatsuki”.

The date of the artist’s staying will be announced on our Instagram account.

Nobuki Akiyama live 5/22 (sat) 18:00〜
-How to participate in the reception live lottery-
Please email us at info@st-cat.com with the information below from today to 5/16 (sun) 23:59.
・Subject [naomi live]
・Number of people (up to 2 people)
Only winners will be contacted by info@st-cat.com by 5/18 (tue).
* Please wear a mask on the day of the event.
* We will carry out temperature measurement. Please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well.
* You can’t watch the live from the outside. Please refrain from visiting from 18:00 to 19:00 on 5/22 (sat) except for the winners.




Akito Yamashita’s solo exhibition 「Beautiful shimmer」4/16-5/5
Apr 14, 2021  # Art # Atelier

We curate with the concept of “art that you want to decorate your room with flowers” at our atelier.

He is trying to illuminate “what beauty is” with his innocent heart.
He is trying to guide people to the right place, which is the source of beauty with his works.

This is an announcement of the Akito Yamashita’s solo exhibition “Beautiful shimmer –the day when the constellations were born” to be held on 4/16 (fri) – 5/5 (wed).

We will continue to hold the event while paying attention to ventilation and a spacious space.

You can purchase one of the exhibited works.
If you would like to purchase remotely, please contact us by email at info@st-cat.com.
The price list will be updated. yamashitasanlist

“Beautiful shimmer-the day the constellations were born” by Akito Yamashita
4/16 (fri) -5/5 (wed)

Sit down quietly and visit the fountain of joy that is inherent in your heart.
If you touch and taste the beauty of life, let it go.
The beauty released in this way floats in the air, shining light in a limited place.
Another constellation has been completed.

Akito Yamashita




Yuuki Ikegami Solo Exhibition 「Lost My Mind」4/3〜11
Apr 4, 2021  # Art # Music # ST,CAT

At atelier ST, CAT, the exhibitions by artists are curated with the concept of “art that you want to decorate your room with flowers”.

We will continue to hold the event while paying attention to ventilation and a spacious space.

“Lost My Mind” by Yuuki Ikegami
4/3 (sat)-4/11 (sun) 13-18:00(sat/sun 12-19:00)

Spring 2020.

The State of Emergency was announced to Tokyo due to the expansion of COVID-19. We couldn’t even go out. I was forced to live in a limited space and had anxious days.

Until the point that I noticed the beauty of the sky which was the same as before …

For about a month from that day, I continued to take pictures of the sky from my balcony. The short time I took the pictures of the sky was a free moment to save me from the anxiety.

Looking at this picture, along with the song written by naomi paris tokyo, I remember the motion of the sky at that day and pray.

May the peaceful days return soon…

From the “Lost My Mind” Art Book released in November last year, we will exhibit works using graphics and collages, and sell art books and art works.
price list lmm商品説明2021

Yuuki Ikegami
art director / graphic designer

The artist stays at the gallery on:
4/3 (sat) 13: 00-19: 00
4/4(sun) 15:00-19:00
4/11(sun) 13:00-19:00




Iori Nishiwaki Solo Exhibition 「Distant Promise」 3/13-31
Mar 7, 2021  # Art # Atelier

At atelier ST, CAT, we curate the exhibitions with the concept of “art that you want to decorate your room with flowers”. Exhibitions are held about twice a month.

This is an announcement of the exhibition to be held on 3/13 (sat) -3/31 (wed).

The deep memories of each person are very personal,
They also have a nostalgic feel that can be shared with everyone.

Her work conveys the nostalgia and various emotions that everyone has in their hearts.
It embodies with an abstract approach and fascinates us from the depths of memories.

We continue to hold the event while paying attention to ventilation and a spacious space.

You can purchase her work and goods.
If you would like to purchase remotely, please contact us by email at info@st-cat.com.
The price list is here.

“Distant Promise” by Iori Nishiwaki

I continue to draw pictures as promised to me when I was young.
The days just flow, and I forget both the good and the bad.
I make works not to forget it because I love to forget.
It is such an exhibition that depicts only the scenery that I touched when I was young.

Iori Nishiwaki
artist collage/drawing
based in Tokyo/Kyoto

The artist stays at the gallery on:
3/13 (sat) 16: 00-19: 00
3/20 (sat) 16: 00-19: 00
3/31 (wed) 15: 00-18: 00

Atelier is closed on:
3/17 (wed), 26 (fri)




Rika Kikuchi Solo Exhibition「Oψiξω」2/15-3/7
Feb 5, 2021  # Art # Atelier

At atelier ST, CAT, we curate the exhibition with the concept of “art that you want to decorate your room with flowers”.
Exhibitions by artists are held about twice a month.

This is an announcement of the exhibition to be held on 2/15 (mon) -3/7 (sun) at our atelier.

The beautiful evening light seen on a terrible day.
It falls equally on everyone, just like salvation.

Like a little smile found on a pouring rainy day, we want you to enjoy the joy slowly spread in your heart while looking at her work.

We will continue to hold the event while paying attention to ventilation and a spacious space.

You can actually purchase one piece of work. We also plan to sell stickers.
If you would like to purchase remotely, please contact us by email at info@st-cat.com.
The price list is hereOψiξω Price List.

“Oψiξω (Opsizo)” by Rika Kikuchi
cold air and warm sunshine.
Be late for the feast.

Some people wand change.
To improve your life and improve yourself.
Both are important.

Change is exciting.
Don’t lose sight of yourself as you seek change.
That’s why you have to be careful.

The weather is not good.
But the sun is rising.

Rika Kikuchi
artist | designer Draw nature with acrylic paint.




Fu Kishi solo exhibition 「cuddle」 2/1-14
Jan 22, 2021  # Art # Atelier # ST,CAT

This is an announcement of the exhibition to be held on 2/1 (mon) -2/14 (sun).

To have a calm season, her works are very suitable.
Please take a look at them at our atelier.

The event will be held while paying attention to ventilation and a spacious space.

You can purchase her art work.
If you would like to purchase remotely, please contact us by email at info@st-cat.com.
Please find the price list here → cuddle_kishifu0202

“Cuddle” by Fu Kishi
The beauty of the curves of the body. Soft and Warm.
What you can see,
A pale thing that cannot be seen by the eyes.
I left the time when these two intersect in the picture.

Like when someone hugged me,
I wish I could make such the moment.

Fu Kishi
A female artist from Tokyo.




Exhibition with Sophie Isogai / Takuro Kishibe 1/5-20
Dec 31, 2020  # Art # Atelier # Photography # ST,CAT

From 2021/1/5 (tue) to 1/20 (wed), an exhibition will be held in which the photographs taken by Sophie Isogai are combined with the works drawn by Takuro Kishibe.

Photographs, paintings, arrangements and spaces are all art.

Please have a look at our atelier.

photography Sophie Isogai(Kiki inc.)
art Takuro Kishibe
hair&make-up Jun Hayatsu(OFF)

model Yu Ishizuka/Keito Sodeno

direction Seiko Hayashi(atelier ST, CAT)
assistant AKiho Kano(atelier ST, CAT)




Lumina Ishiai solo exhibition 「melt」 12/4-26
Dec 3, 2020  # Art # Atelier # ST,CAT

This is an announcement of the exhibition to be held on 12/4 (fri) -12/26 (sat) at our atelier.

When I visited the seaside town where I could see the Seto Inland Sea to meet her, I was convinced that the calm air gave birth to the nostalgia and kindness of the work.
Please take a look at the works that make you imagine a beautiful story.

“melt” by Lumina Ishiai

We will exhibit and sell 20 digital paintings of natural scenery at our atelier, and at the same time, we will sell her original items.
(Please note that all works are not one-of-a-kind items. The works will be shipped to your home at a later date.)

This will be the first exhibition after moving our atelier to Minami-aoyama.

This time, we are opening an online exhibition site so that you can see and feel her works at your home.
You can also purchase works and original goods from the online shop, so please have a look.

message from her

It’s not just because the comfort you feel in front of the beautiful scenery is beautiful.
I think that it is because the scenery and the world of my own appear there, I can look at myself as I confront myself, and accept my emotions and thoughts as they are.
It would be great if you could feel the moment when your daily troubles disappear and your heart melts.

She grows right next to the calm Seto Inland Sea.
She has been self-taught since childhood and has been active as an illustrator since 2015.
instagram  @luminaishiai 
instagram for illustlations  @luminaillustration




Collaboration Exhibition with Naoko Matsuda 「Feeling」
Aug 25, 2020  # Art # Atelier # ST,CAT

9/27〜10/4の期間で、アーティストのNaoko Matsudaさんによるデジタルアートを展示いたします。





9/27〜10/4 at atelier ST, CAT
2F 3-3-1 Setagaya Setagaya-ku Tokyo

Naoko Matsuda




Michi Nakano写真集「あかつき」
Jul 14, 2020  # Art # Atelier # Book

Michi Nakanoファースト写真集「あかつき」


atelier ST, CATでもお世話になっているMichi Nakanoのファースト写真集が店頭に入荷しました。




1ページ1ページに収められた、大切にすくい取られた日々の断片が、すべて1つにつながり、 1人の人間の1つの人生、1つの潮流としての記憶(そのつながりはおぼろげで、時に残酷なもの)とは何かを私たちに問いかけます。




URL: https://michinakano.thebase.in




Rika inspires atelier ST, CAT
Oct 25, 2019  # Art

Rika inspires us.

There are a calm tumult in her pictures.

We can go inside of them filled with colors which is the reflection of her consciousness.

It is the quiet and noisy place.
It is beautiful and awful too.

Her inspirations come from
woman walking toward me who is sensual,
night villages in France and Italy
absolute beauty of nature such as mineral and morning glow,
philosophic sensuality(eros) as sublime love.

Born in 1997.
She started to create when she was young. She hold her first solo exhibition in this fall.
Her ideas are influenced by avant-garde arts, fin-de-siècle arts and conceptual arts.




Column by designer #4 “unconsciousness”
Jun 10, 2019  # Art # ST,CAT

Column #4 “unconsciousness”

アトリエのオリジナルの香りをブレンドしたエッセンシャルオイル「White Sculpture」が店頭で発売になりました。












2nd Anniversary Gift
Jun 7, 2019  # Art # Atelier # ST,CAT

Next month marks the 2nd anniversary.

So we are giving away an original tote bag collaborated with Iori Nishiwaki with every purchase over 9000yen(without tax and shipping fee) at atelier and our online shop from 8th of June.
Her body drawing collected by the designer is on a bag which was exhibited at her exhibition last year.

10 trees are afforested to reduce CO2 by making these toto bags through the manufacturer company.




Column by designer #3 “summer”
May 22, 2019  # Art # People # ST,CAT

column #3 ”summer”








ヘミングウェイが書いた「移動祝祭日(Moveable Feast)」は、その騒々しくて創造性に満ちた時代感を感じられるエッセイですが、彼の、普通の(若々しく貧しい)日常を物語のように変えていくさま(あるいは麗しく回想しているさま)は、すごく素敵です。







Column by designer #1 “pure”
Apr 26, 2019  # Art # Food # People

column #1 ”pure”

先日、小林エリカさんらが参加するクリエイティブガールズユニット「kvina」による子育てにまつわるものを考えるプロジェクト「POR BEBO」がこの夏から開催する予定だという、未就園児を育児中のお母さんお父さんに向けた朝食会「rondo」のプレイベントに参加しました。

会では、Emily Dickinsonの詩 No.254をモチーフにした、オープンサンドをいただきました。Emily Dickinsonが生前家に閉じこもって制作をしていたという境遇を、産後の母親たちがあまり家から出られない状況と重ね合わせ、彼女の作品が選ばれた


さて、その日に食べたサンドイッチも素晴らしかったのですが、一緒に飲んだノンカフェインの「pukka pure」というハーブティーもとても美味しかったので早速購入しました。

先日、上野の西洋美術館で行われていたLe Corbusierの展覧会に行きましたが、Purism(純粋主義/ピュリスム)を提唱し、後にシンプルで機能的な建築や家具を生み出したコルビジェの作品でも白が重要な役割を担っています。



朝食会で選ばれたEmily Dickinsonの詩の中では、「希望」には羽があり、それは同時に魂に宿るもの、と唄っていました。サンドイッチの上で、軽やかな白いチーズに例えられた希望でしたが、彼女にとって、軽やかな翼を持って外の世界に羽ばたくことと、心の内側に羽ばたくこと、それはどちらも同じように壮大なことだったのではないかと思います。




Mana Hiraki inspires atelier ST, CAT
Sep 19, 2018  # Art

Mana Hiraki inspires us.

Calm tenderness means strong atmosphere in her paintings.
In her world colored with fluid and vague touch, gentleness and vividness exist at same time.

She talks about the origins of inspiration as below.
“I visualize abstract things such as border, affection and mood.
A rice bowl using everyday, a sweater given from someone special, a flower grown from a seed, a round stone found in the sea, a pink shell without lacking,
a bedroom with your own smell, a town you were born…

Everyone feels attachment to something and they are increasing in their life.
We can not stop to feel attachment to stuffs.

For example, victims dispossessed of their hometown can not leave there easily.
I visit to Fukushima 5 years after the earthquake and talked to people living in their temporary housing.
They were not lived, they lived.
They felt attachment to the land where they were born and raised even after the disaster attacked.

I like vintages.
Someone’s memory. Someone’s life.
I can feel her/his sign and life from the stains on it.
In my works, I want to include that kind of mood made with hands naturally so just vintages can hold.

Attachment in everyone make their energy to live more strong.

I want to create like singing a gentle song to loneliness in the fog.

And I always inspired by Anselm Kiefer.”




Iori Nishiwaki Exhibition
Jun 26, 2018  # Art # Atelier

Iori Nishiwaki Exhibition「あたらよの陽」
2018 7/7(sat) – 7/21(sat)

コラージュやドローイング作品を制作するアーティスト、西脇衣織によるエキシビションを世田谷・上町のatelier ST, CATにて開催いたします。


初日の2018 7/7(sat) 17:00〜19:00で、どなたでもお越しいただけるオープニングレセプションを開催いたします。


Takuro Ishizashi




Solo Exhibition of Yuki Ootani 「drawing」
Mar 9, 2018  # Art # Atelier

Solo Exhibition of Yuki Ootani 「drawing」

Reception Party : 3/31(sat) 18:00〜21:00

schedule : 2018/3/31(sat)〜4/15(sun)
place : atelier ST, CAT__2F 3-3-1 Setagaya Setagaya-ku Tokyo, JAPAN 154-0017
contact : info@st-cat.com




Next exhibition at atelier ST, CAT
Oct 18, 2017  # Art # Atelier

Our next collaboration exhibition at atelier ST, CAT is with Ayana Mizuno.

You can see and purchase her art works.




Takuro Kishibe inspires atelier ST, CAT
Sep 26, 2017  # Art

Takuro Kishibeinspires us.

He removes specific personalities from the image, so he can create strong rhythms.
And our thought are spun by them.

He talked about his inspirations to us.
“Basically, my works don’t have specific themes, so I’m inspired by how they begin and where they land.
Important words for me might be ‘random and by chance’.

I cut, tear, put, place and turn materials randomly and unexpected ‘faces’ appear by chance.
And then I play catch with the chances. We look for the place to land through a communication such as Japanese Oogiri together. We find the most comfortable place in the end.

‘unexpected faces’ are all different, so they always make me enjoy.”




Yuta Nishiura inspires atelier ST, CAT
Aug 21, 2017  # Art

Yuta Nishiura inspires us.

His sculptures are telling the tales to us.

In front of the works, we fall into the feeling that we see them through the consciousness not just eyes.

Each piece sinks in our inner part widely and deeply and take us to the world of subconsciousness where the concept of time doesn’t exist.

There are mysteries with his sculptures.

He talks about the origins of inspiration as below.
“When I take a moment focusing on things I do and feel in my daily life, I sometimes discover something out of place or wonders, which can turn into the seeds expanding my imaginary landscapes. The various landscapes collected in everyday life become important settings and stories on my creation. It was a Makonde teacher who taught me fascinations and initiation of wood sculptures while I stayed in Tanzania. As if he was turing the pages of an illustrated book, he chiseled a wood block and told me simultaneously a story regarding the work piece in front of us. His attitude towards his art works has been always my ideal. Walking through the landscapes of my collections and creating a visible art work with a piece out of them.”
credit:(From the left)
1.while listening to the sound of sunset
2.A yearning come in sight
left: I could cry as loud as you laugh
right: I could laugh as loud as you cry
4.The ice boat loaded with the solid music is heading towards you
top: rope 01 ~ 04
middle: When the pink straight line separates the sky and earth, the northern forest tells your name to the stars




Takahiro Murahashi inspires atelier ST, CAT
Aug 14, 2017  # Art

Takahiro Murahashi inspires us.

His collage works make us to think back to the memories, but also we are surprised by the balance that is very contemporary and never seen.

The composition he creates include an amusing boldness and sensitivity somehow.

The expression makes us feel unfamiliar and familiar at same time.

He talks about the inspiration to us.
“I’m inspired by ‘a lump of materials’.
a mass of plaster, soil, rock, tree or metal and combinations of different kinds.
sculptures decaying and being abstract.
Shadows made by surface roughness and decorations.”




Ryota Nishikawa inspires atelier ST, CAT
Jul 25, 2017  # Art

Ryota Nishikawa inspires us.

He builds the relationships between an object and other objects.
They exist independent and also for each other.

At THE (COMMON) PLACE in Osaka you can see his universe where he captures vague emotions, forms them, makes them exist and relates them.

Ryota Nishikawa solo exhibition 「AT LAND」


2F 1-1-16 Oyodominami Kita-ku Osaka, Japan
11pm – 20pm




Nutel inspires atelier ST, CAT
Jul 21, 2017  # Art

Nutel inspires us.

She writes a poem with threads.

Nutel(@nutel_eri) makes threads dance and sing. And she sews real and unreal to create a new unseen world.

Her latest exhibition is held at Galerie Wa2 at Minami-Aoyama in Tokyo.

Killiman jah low works × Nutel Exihibition 2017
“Dobutsutachi no Makafushigi na Sekai”

Open 12:00 Close19:00 (Lastday〜17:00)




Iori Nishiwaki inspires atelier ST, CAT
Jul 18, 2017  # Art # People

Iori Nishiwaki inspires us.

When we saw her works ate first time, some feelings that we can’t express in words came to our minds.

These were colored in vague, sad, sorrowful and nostalgic.

We think the feelings are more primitive. These were something before words and shapes.

Iori Nishiwaki(@iorinishiwaki) is an artist born in 1995. She is based in Tokyo and creates collages and drawings.
She is inspired by artists such as Joseph Cornell and Georgia O’Keeffe. Recently She is obsessed with Tama taht is the band was active in the 1990s.

Her solo exhibition is held at pocke in Koenji, Tokyo from today.

“ai no ibiki”
18th to 23rd of July
13pm – 21pm (23rd : 11am – 18pm)




Zhong Xian inspires atelier ST, CAT
Jul 14, 2017  # Art # People

Zhong Xian inspires us.

Her magical animation “EAR” is very addicting…

We quote her words here.
“EAR” is a small animation describe my inner during the period of 2016-2017. For human sensorium, I think ears are the subtlest one to shape, to abstract and emoted everything, every memories become abstract and even rational pictures through the annotation of ear.
Some inspiration like the circles, lines and cubes are from Seiko’s earring’s design, storyline and sound are from my daily experience. Story meaning basically like a three-storey stair, one is leave for annotation, another portray my memories, and the last one is a message, I leave for a specific person.

Zhong Xian(@t_ipy) is an artist based in Taipei. She was born in 1994.

EAR from Zhong Xian on Vimeo.




Ayaka Endo inspires atelier ST, CAT
Jul 14, 2017  # Art # People

Artist, Ayaka Endo inspires us.

She joined our exhibition held at omotesando Rocket in January 2017. Her graphics have a unique balance on gentle and strong, quiet and noisy, serious and funny..

ayaka endo (@ayaka_is_end) was born in 1994. She is studying at Tokyo University of the Arts and creates two-dimensional art works. Nature, plants and all of beautiful things found where she visit brings her to the place to create.




Short Movie by Miki and Ruka
Jul 14, 2017  # Art # Atelier # Music

The special movie by Miki and Ruka is exhibited at our atelier from 16th to 23rd of July.

You can also see it at our reception party 7-10PM on 15th of July.

Please enjoy the short version of it now.

We are very excited to work with such a talent…!

movie by Miki Yoshioka
music by Ruka Kashiwagi




Miki Yoshioka inspires ST, CAT
Jul 4, 2017  # Art # Atelier # People

Miki Yoshioka inspired us.
At atelier ST, CAT in Setagaya, Tokyo, we exhibit a special short movie made by Miki Yoshioka for ST, CAT from 16th to 23rd of July. She is born in 1996 and studying at Musashino Art University. GIFs she makes from photographies are very unique and  fresh. She is always inspired by old Japanese films by Yasujiro Ozu and Yasuzo Masumura.