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In July 2017, the "ST, CAT" brand of jewelry was reborn as "atelier ST, CAT",
a bilingual creative hub.
At the Inspiration Site, we curate artworks and other great things
that have inspired us from the unique perspective of atelier ST, CAT and update them as articles.
We also feature creators, mainly those based in Japan,
who are willing to share their creative ideas with the world.
At the Online Shop, visitors worldwide can purchase ST, CAT jewelry-making kits that are easy to assemble.
Depending on your mood, you can choose either the "make it yourself" option or
the "we make it for you" option when you make your purchase.

For about one week each month, we open our studio to the public, putting on events where visitors can purchase jewelry kits and other products or see various displays of items curated by atelier ST, CAT. This is a place where visitors can truly see and feel our worldview. Please check our website to stay informed about the opening schedule.
atelier ST, CAT

atelier ST,CAT 2 F3-3-1, Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo